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The Wind And The Waves

This song is by David Phelps and appears on the album David Phelps (2001).

All you had to do was raise your hand,
speak the words, "Peace be still", and all
the anger, all the fury of that raging storm
surrendered to Your will.

Even the wind and the waves obey- why can't I,
why can't I? Where is my faith, is it lost at sea?
Lord help me to be more like the wind and the waves.

When the storms of life take me by surprise, and my
faith gets swept overboard, I hate it when I give into
all my fears instead of trusting in You, Lord.


Lord, save me from my unbelief. Save me, oh save me.


Lord help me to be like the wind and the waves. Save me.
Oh, I want to be like the wind and the waves.