David Phelps:Satistaction Lyrics

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This song is by David Phelps.

God in Heaven hear my prayer
For the suffering here below
Of the innocent and pure
And the many without hope

I am just a simple man
Still believing in a dream
Of a world that's ruled by love
Only You can intervene

Perdoname Dios
Do You hear my cry?
Perdoname Dios
Can I ask You why
This world's cruel injustice never seems to cease?
With pity and mercy, heed this prayer for peace
Perdoname, Perdoname
Perdoname Dios

I see love in many things
In the mountains and the sky
In a flower as it blooms
In a newborn baby's cry

But there are also broken hearts
Warring nations, ruined lands
Desperate families torn apart
Lord, help me to understand