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Live Like A King

This song is by David Phelps and appears on the album Revelation (2004).

My thirst for the things of this earth
Isn't quenched by diamonds or pearls
One Man lived the life that I want
He's the One they said ruled the world

Though He only wore a crown of thorns
And He never owned a thing

I want to live like a King
I want to live like a King
And my decree it will ring
"Love will rule everything"
I want to live like a King

This King did the strangest of things
He befriended the sick and the poor
There was no one too wrong, too right, too black, too white for Him to
He built no walls, left no unopened doors
Well, now I could croon a million other tunes
There is just one I want to sing


I want to be stronger, I want to be wiser
I just want to make every move be the one He'd want to see from me
There's just such power, such healing power
In every word that He said, in every deed that He did


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