David Phelps:I Cry, You Care Lyrics

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I Cry, You Care

This song is by David Phelps and appears on the album David Phelps (2001).

Verse 1
Lonely, lost and so afraid.
But you are only just a tear away from rushing in once again
To show me You're both God and Savior
In spite of my behavior

I cry, You care
I call, You're there
I fall, and You pick me up and set me on my way
I fear, You dare
I need, You share
I reach, and You hold me in Your arms forever

Verse 2
Glory, left behind, oh, what a wondrous story
Nevermind the sorrow and the care that I bear
When I try to live without You
Why do I ever doubt You?


I can't live without You
Why do I try to?
It's like I'm running from the air.
No matter where I go, You're there.


You hold me in Your arms,
You hold me in Your arms forever