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God Will Take Care Of You

This song is by David Phelps and appears on the album Revelation (2004).

You don't say a word, but I know you're so afraid
Trying hard to take a step of faith
You're so confused and you're so alone
Standing face to face with the unknown

Every need you have God already knows about it
Still He longs to hear from you
I believe if you put your trust in Him
That is where the road of faith begins

Cause if His eye is on the sparrow when it comes to me and you
There is no place He won't go
And nothing He won't do
Like a mother cradles a child
His grace covers us somehow
So whatever you go through
God will take care of you

Change is never easy; it's just part of living
There's so much more that we can see
A higher place so far above it all
Is ours when we're faithful to His call

We don't know
We don't have to understand
The how's, the why's, the when's
Give it all to Him

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