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Life Without Love

This song is by David Kauffman & Eric Caboor and appears on the album Songs From Suicide Bridge (1984).

Night calls, rain falls
Inside and outside my head
All of my life I've been told
Not to wish I was dead
Thunder, I wonder
Where this affliction will lead
Now that the one who loved me
Has left me to bleed

Hope dies, faith cries
When will the tears ever cease?
God send your mercy
I'm longing some kind of release
Souls shake, hearts break
Only the sorrow remains
I'm losing ground and there's
Nothing' to swallow but pain

Somebody save me
Throw out a line
Life without love
Is destroying my mind

I was so calm and collected
When you decided to leave
The time and the place we selected
Twenty-seven hearts on your sleeve

Well I'm headin' into a slumber
There's no place on earth left to go
Yet now that my heartbeats are numbered
I don't know

I don't care, I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care, yes I do

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