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Life And Times On The Beach

This song is by David Kauffman & Eric Caboor and appears on the album Songs From Suicide Bridge (1984).

It's been twnety-seven years
Elsenhower was the man
I was born in the springtime
Now I'm dying in the sand
I've spent these last few days in search
Looking out across the sea
Trying to find the crucial pieces
That are lost inside of me

I remember way back when
When Mama cooked the meals
Papa went to sork each day
With me out on his heels
A baseball cap, a tennis ball
A life of running bases
Forgetting every reason
But recalling all the faces

I remember way back when
When Grandpa was alive
Every year we'd pack our thing
And take that lonesome drive
My parents in the front seat
The three of us in the back
My sister's name is Linda
And my brother's name was Jack

I remember way back when
When I was still in school
Tried so hard to make the grades
And be nobody's fool
I even went to college
Till I had a change of heart
Hopped a plane for Hollywood
To get a second start

I can't quite remember
Just what happened after this
Something 'bout a future
And the chances that I missed
I took a cab to Malibu
And now I'm on the beach
And what I need to end it all
Is right... within my reach

Now I'm fading far away
I't's been such a lonely climb
And there's more that I could tell you
Of my life and of my times