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Somebody Buy Me A Drink

This song is by David Johansen and The Harry Smiths and appears on the album David Johansen and the Harry Smiths (2000).

The other night out along the skid row
Beneath a liquor store sign's garrish glow
There stood a fellow that I used to know a long, long time ago

He stood with the lost and all the living dead
With rumpled clothes and a reeling head
Reviewing the wasted life he'd lead and as I passed he said

Hey, let me tell you a story, it's sad but true
Hey, let me tell you a story, it may remind you of you
Hey, let me tell you a tale and try to help you to wake up and think
Somebody buy me a drink

It begins long ago on such a happy day
With a fool who was loved but he threw that love away
Who exchanged a good home for the flop house, for the bar room and the clink
Somebody buy me a drink

Well, to see me today that I have hit the skids
Who'd think, at one time, I had a fine wife and kids?
Yeah, I was that fool out after treasure and pleasure
Hey, love was just a game, I played it with some other dame

There's only one thing, in this life, I feel certain of
The only true treasure in life is love
Without love and someone to love you, gonna see how low you can sink
Hey, somebody buy me a drink

Well, somebody, somebody buy me, a drink


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