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Yes Or No

This song is by David Hallyday and appears on the album Rock'N'Heart (1990).

I'm gonna take a stand
I've been a patient man;
I don't wanna wait anymore.

Another day of this
This indecisiveness
Is drivin' me right out the door.
Yes or no?
I wanna know!
Yes or no, girl? Say yes or no!

When you kiss me like that,
We both know where it's at
To win, you gotta play the game.

It's all or nothin', love
Half-way ain't good enough;
It's time to take it all the way!
You started a fire that you could not put out,
Even if you tried...
Come down off your fence - is it no? Is it yes?
You decide...

I-m lookin' for somebody to love
If it's you, then let's sail away
Baby, if you think I'm the one,
Then all you gotta do is say... say yes! Say yes!

Yes or no? (x2)
I gotta know, girl,
If it's yes or no...
Baby, tell me, what can I do
I haven't done for you?
When will you be satisfied?

It's now or never, girl!
Ain't got forever, girl!
You better make up your mind!

Yes or no? I need to know!
Yes or no, girl? Say yes or no!...

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