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Sing Me Something New (2003)Edit

David Fonseca - Sing Me Something New

Sing Me Something New

  1. Intro
  2. The 80's
  3. Someone That Cannot Love
  4. Playing Bowies With Me
  5. So You Want to Save the World
  6. U Make Me Believe
  7. You and I (Letter to S.)
  8. Haunted Home
  9. Summer Will Bring You Over
  10. Now That I Am You
  11. Revolution Edit
  12. In Love With Yourself
  13. Do You Really Believe That Love Will Keep You From Getting Hurt?
  14. Sing Me Something New
  15. My Sunshine and My Rain

Our Hearts Will Beat as One (2005)Edit

David Fonseca - Our Hearts Will Beat As One

Our Hearts Will Beat As One

  1. Who Are U?
  2. Swim
  3. Cold Heart
  4. Hold Still (featuring Rita Redshoes)
  5. Start Over Again
  6. Come Into My Heart
  7. Our Hearts Will Beat as One
  8. The Longest Road
  9. Open Legs Wide
  10. Bu_urn
  11. Adeus, Não Afastes Os Teus Olhos Dos Meus
  12. When U Hit the Floor (Bonus Track)

Dreams in Colour (2007)Edit

David Fonseca - Dreams In Colour

Dreams In Colour

  1. 4th Chance
  2. Kiss Me, Oh Kiss Me
  3. Rocket Man
  4. Silent Void
  5. This Wind, Temptation
  6. I See the World Through You
  7. Superstars II
  8. This Raging Light
  9. Feet on Stones
  10. Dreams in Colour
  11. Orange Tree (Bonus Track)

Between Waves (2009)Edit

David Fonseca - Between Waves

Between Waves

  1. (Baby) All I Ever Wanted
  2. Walk Away When You're Winning
  3. A Cry 4 Love
  4. U Know Who I Am
  5. There's Nothing Wrong With Us
  6. Owner of Her Heart
  7. It's Just a Dream
  8. Little Things II
  9. Stop 4 a Minute
  10. Morning Tide (I Just Can't Remember)
  11. This One's So Different

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Swim Ii
  2. The Beating of the Drums

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