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Crimson Fire

This song is by David Cruttenden.

Crimson fire, one of a kind
Gotta decide, to get out of your own mind
Crimson fire, hangin' on a wire
Living with a liah, in my hearts desire
Crimson fire, heart open wide
You cannot deny, that you're stuck in your own life
Crimson fire, get out of the mire
Do you wanna be mine, well you're a legend in your own time
I'm over you

Walk along with power, just another hour
Keep on getting higher, higher than the sky
If you get the feeling, jump across the ceiling
You ignite the passion, to stimulate reaction
Rising up and burnt out, moving on without doubt
We have all got to move on, so come on get a groove on
I'm over you

I never will forget you, I just will not let you
My love is still ignited, I am still excited
I never will desert you, I'll never hurt you
Your memory is so precious, please never forget it
The cost of life is the pain of surviving
Those that pay the price come home with the least
Crimson fire, what do you require
Type it on a flier, put it in the fryer
I'm over you

My heart is still wide open, even though it's broken
The fire and the passion, there's no smoke without action
A day will never pass without my pulse beating fast now
I close my eyes and I see, a vision of you tenderly
Lamentation, celebration
Happiness and sadness, get out of this madness
Hang on so tight, I need you tonight
The tears pass you by, never start to cry
And everyday I wonder, for your love I hunger
Starving of affection, where is your direction
I guess I must continue, this life that is so cruel
My heart well it will go on, grab hold of the sun
Crimson fire, get out of the mire
Do you wanna be mine, well you're legend in your time
I'm over you

You have moved away, so what else can I say
You never gave a chance, for a little romance
The colour of my soul, deepens as you go
And all the time my heart bleeds, it's only you that I need
It's painful now to say it, but I will never see you again
And I will love you, I will still think of you
Crimson fire, my love will never tire
You cannot disguise that this feeling is the best
I'm over you

And the crimson fire still burns inside my heart

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