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She Give Me

This song is by David Coverdale and appears on the album Into The Light (2000).

She give me love she give me pain
She give the whole damn world and take it back again
She stole my heart she mess my mind
She took my happiness and sold it for a dime

But she give love love love
Love love love

She give me truth she tell me lies
She irresistible her kiss can paralyse
She bittersweet sugar cane
I'm her whipping boy she my hurricane

She so fine she with me all the time
Everything she does always blow my mind
Then she give me love
Then she give me love

She treat me good she treat me mean
My baby got more shake than a gypsy tambourine
She soothe my soul she shake my tree
I'm her flower child and she my honey bee

She give me shoe stiletto screw
Spike heel track across my back saying I love you
She give me pain I go insane
So drive me crazy baby here I come again

First she give me love then she give me pain
I'm laughing in the sun crying in the rain
Then she give me love
Then she give me love

Written by:

David Coverdale

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