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River Song

This song is by David Coverdale and appears on the album Into The Light (2000).

I was born by the river raised by the sea
Baptised in muddy water to drown the devil in me
I'm going back to the river down to the stream
I'm going to follow that water and find my dream

Where Saint John be waiting on me
To wash my sins away
Hey Saint Christopher pray for me
'Cause baby I'm on my way

Where the rivers flow
Where the rivers flow
Just around the bend
I'll find my rainbows end
And maybe then I'll know
Where the rivers flow

You know the gypsy woman told me about a river of gold
Full of dreams for the asking in the valley of souls
So I called to the captain come on and take my hand
I'm going to follow that water to the promised land

Across the bridge of silence
Go ahead baby cry me a river


Written by:

David Coverdale

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