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Living on Love

This song is by David Coverdale and appears on the album Into The Light (2000).

When I need a hand to guide me I find you there
And everything you give to me is filled with love and care
You take away the memory of a thousand rainy days
With promises of summer love you chase the clouds away

Now if the sky should fill with rain
I know the sun will shine again

When I think of all the heartache that I've been through
The many mistakes I had to make to lead me here to you
All the hurt and sadness don't seem so much
As the walls I built around my heart crumble when we touch

Through my life was filled with pai
You show me how to love again

And now I'm never going to run never going to hide
I'm living on love
Never going to run never going to hide
I'm living on love
Nothing's going to stop me now
'Cause I'm living on love with you

So as you lay beside me I'll sing songs of love to you
'Cause everything I'm feeling babe I know you feel it too
Nothing can come between us no dark clouds in the way
All the love I feel for you grows stronger every day

After all is said and done
I know you're the only one

Oh baby baby you're the only one

Written by:

Bossi, David Coverdale, Earl Slick

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