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This song is by David Coverdale and appears on the album Whitesnake (1977).

I was running for the folks I know who never had it good
But don't know if they're feeling fine when naturally they should
Recently I seem to have become a new born man
I want to share with everyone what happened in my past

Open up the door
Going to be down the road
Celebration, celebration
Celebration, celebration

Feeling come and go again never have to please
After she let you down bring you to your knees
When you're feeling good, nothing you can do
Going to take you to the Mardi Gras piss it out on you

Going to make you feel all right
Going to make it through the night
Celebration, celebration
celebration, celebration

If you want to know what happend in the past never had it good
Come on in and see the crime I really believe they should
Recently I've seen to have become an new born man
I want to share with everyone what happened in my past

I've never been one to tease
Only want to please

Celebration, celebration
celebration, celebration

Celebration, I just want to celebrate
Celebration, give me two, give me one

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