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Cherish (1972)Edit

David Cassidy - Cherish
  1. Being Together
  2. I Just Wanna Make You Happy
  3. Could It Be Forever
  4. Blind Hope
  5. I Lost My Chance
  6. My First Night Alone Without You
  7. We Could Never Be Friends (Cause We've Been Lovers Too Long)
  8. Where Is the Morning
  9. I Am a Clown
  10. Cherish
  11. Ricky's Tune

Rock Me Baby (1972)Edit

David Cassidy - Rock Me Baby
Rock Me Baby
  1. Rock Me Baby
  2. Lonely Too Long
  3. Two Time Loser
  4. Warm My Soul
  5. Some Kind of a Summer
  6. (Oh No) No Way
  7. Song for a Rainy Day
  8. Soft as a Summer Shower
  9. Go Now
  10. How Can I Be Sure ?
  11. Song of Love

Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes... (1973)Edit

David Cassidy - Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes...
Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes...
  1. Opening Theme
  2. Daydream
  3. Sing Me
  4. Bali Ha'i
  5. Mae
  6. Fever
  7. Summer Days
  8. Puppy Song
  9. Daydreamer
  10. Some Old Woman
  11. Can't Go Home Again
  12. Preyin' on My Mind
  13. Hold on Me

The Higher They Climb, the Harder They Fall (1975)Edit

David Cassidy - The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall
The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall
  1. When I'm a Rock 'N' Roll Star
  2. Be-Bop-A-Lula
  3. I Write the Songs
  4. This Could Be the Night
  5. Darlin'
  6. Get It up for Love
  7. Fix of Your Love
  8. Massacre at Park Bench (Dialogue)
  9. Common Thief
  10. Love in Bloom
  11. When I'm a Rock 'N' Roll Star (reprise)

Home Is Where the Heart Is ... (1976)Edit

David Cassidy - Home Is Where The Heart Is ...
Home Is Where The Heart Is ...
  1. On Fire
  2. Damned If This Ain't Love
  3. January
  4. A Fool in Love
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Breakin' Down Again
  7. Run and Hide
  8. Take This Heart
  9. Goodbye Blues
  10. Half Past Your Bedtime

Romance (1985)Edit

David Cassidy - Romance
  1. Romance (Let Your Heart Go)
  2. Touched by Lightning
  3. The Last Kiss
  4. Thin Ice
  5. Someone
  6. The Letter
  7. Heart of Emotion
  8. Tenderly
  9. She Knows All About Boys
  10. Remember Me

David Cassidy (1990)Edit

David Cassidy - David Cassidy
David Cassidy
  1. Labor of Love
  2. You Remember Me
  3. Lyin' to Myself
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  5. Hi-Heel Sneakers
  6. Message to the World
  7. Living Without You
  8. Stranger in Your Heart
  9. Prisoner
  10. All Because of You

Didn't You Used to Be? (1992)Edit

David Cassidy - Didn't You Used To Be?
Didn't You Used to Be?
  1. Raindrops
  2. For All the Lonely
  3. Treat Me Like You Used to
  4. Somebody to Love
  5. I'll Never Stop Loving You|
  6. Soul Kiss
  7. Tell Me True
  8. Like Father, Like Son
  9. It's Over
  10. One True Love

Then and Now (2001)Edit

David Cassidy - Then And Now
Then and Now
  1. I Think I Love You
  2. No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross (Young & Gifted mix)
  3. Do You Believe in Magic
  4. Ain't No Sunshine
  5. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
  6. It's One of Those Nights
  7. Rock Me Baby
  8. I Woke up in Love This Morning
  9. How Can I Be Sure ?
  10. Lyin' to Myself
  11. Cherish
  12. Cry
  13. Ricky's Tune
  14. I'll Meet You Halfway
  15. C'mon Get Happy
    • Bonus tracks
  16. Could It Be Forever
  17. Daydreamer
  18. I Write the Songs
  19. Some Kind of a Summer
  20. Looking Through the Eyes of Love
  21. If I Didn't Care
  22. The Last Kiss
  23. No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross
  24. Sheltered in Your Arms
  25. Could It Be Forever (featuring Hear'Say)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Blackbird
  2. How Can I Be Sure
  3. I'll Have to Go Away (Saying Goodbye)
  4. Its One of Those Nights
  5. Last Kiss
  6. Madonna - Human Nature
  7. Please Please Me
  8. Romance
  9. Saddle Up (And Ride Your Poney)
  10. Somebody Wants to Love You
  11. You Are Always on My Mind
  12. You Don't Have to Tell Me

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