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I Remember

This song is by David Byron and appears on the album Baby Faced Killer (1978).

I can talk about it now because I'm free

Didn't I say just a moment ago
All of my life has been just like a show
Always impatient and ready to go I remember

I've been 'round the world with a whole bunch of clowns
Seen all of the cities and most of the towns
And we had our ups and plenty of downs I remember

I can talk about it now because I'm free
But I'll always be the same old me

Playing my music is all I can do
To say all the things that is possible to
But sometimes I thought that I wouldn't pull through I remember

So I'll carry on for as long as I can
With hardly a reason and never a plan
'Cause I'll be contented if I stay the man I remember well


Written by:

David Byron/Daniel Boone

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