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Album by David Byron.
  1. Baby Faced Killer
  2. Rich Man's Lady
  3. Sleepless Nights
  4. African Breeze
  5. Everybody's Star
  6. Heaven Or Hell
  7. Only You Can Do It
  8. Don't Let Me Down
  9. Acetylene Jean
  10. I Remember
    Additional tracks not included on release:
  11. Down On My Luck (B-side Of African Breeze Single)
  12. All In Your Mind (B-side Of Rich Man's Lady Single)


  • David Byron - Lead Vocals
  • Stuart Elliot - Drums (On All Tracks Except "Don't Let Me Down")
  • Barry Desouza - Drums (On "Don't Let Me Down")
  • Alan Jones - Bass Guitar
  • Daniel Boone - Guitars, Keyboards & Various Percussion
  • Lester Fry - Timpanis and Chimes
  • Mick Box - Lead Guitar (On "I Remember")
  • Backing vocals - David Byron, Daniel Boone, Lelly Boone, Gabriele Byron, Alyson Mcinness, Muff Murfin and Brad Davies

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