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This song is by David Bowie and appears on the album Never Let Me Down (1987).

(Ladies and Gentlemen)
(Tonight, yes, the Zeroes will be singing for you!)

Yeah Yeah (x4)

You've arrived in the land of a thousand different names
And the fabulous sons have crashed their planes in flames
Now tomorrow's back claiming redemption is on your heels
And a toothless past is asking you how it feels
And me my little red Corvette has driven by
My fair weather heart has fallen in
My rainy day girl is feeling down
And she tells me that the world is spinning round
I say the dream was all for you
You're nobody else
Tonight the Zeroes were singing for you

Yeah Yeah

Hi, can I walk you home again today
Gotta get forgive and forget hey-hey
Something good is happening I don't know what it is
Don't you know we're back on trial again today
And it's breaking wine for you
Hell it's only 'cause you're true
Someone outtimed my heart
Stopping and preaching and letting love in
You are my moon, you are my sun
Heaven knows what you are
Tonight the Zeroes are singing for you
Yes they were
Tonight the Zeroes were singing for you
Tonight the Zeroes were singing for you

Doesn't matter what you try to do
Doesn't matter what you try to do
Doesn't matter where you try to go
Doesn't matter who we really are

Doesn't matter (repeat ad lib)
Doesn't matter, doesn't matter

Written by:

David Bowie

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