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She Shook Me Cold

This song is by David Bowie and appears on the album The Man Who Sold the World (1970).

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She Shook Me Cold
We met upon a hill
The night was cool & still
She sucked my dormant will
Mother, she blew my brain
I will go back again
My God, she shook my cold

I had no time to spare
I grabbed her golden hair
And threw her to the ground
Father, she caved my head
Oh Lord, the things she said
My God, she should be told

I was very smart
Broke the gentle hearts
Of many young virgins
I was quick on the ball
left them so lonely
They'd just give up trying
Then she took my head
Smashed it up
Kept my young blood rising
Crushed me mercilessly
Kept me going around
So she don't know I crave her so

I'll give my love in vain
To reach that peak again
We met upon a hill
Mother, she blew my brain
I will go back again
My God, she shook me cold

Written by:

David Bowie

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