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Love Missile F1-11

This song is by David Bowie and appears on the single New Killer Star (2003).

This song is a cover of "Love Missile F1-11" by Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
US bombs crusin' overhead
There goes my love rocket red

Shoot it up

Blaster bomb bomb bomb ahead
Multi millions still unfed
A mondo teeno givin' head

Shoot it up

Hold me shake me, I'm all shook up
Psycho maniac, interbred
Shoot it up
Shoot it up hu
Shoot it up hu

Teenage crime now fashion's dead
There goes my love rocket red

Shoot it up
Shoot it up
Shoot it up
Shoot it up

Additional Song InfoEdit

Lyrics and music by Martin Degville and Neal Whitmore

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