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Tomorrow Is Another Day

This song is by David Allan Coe and appears on the album Human Emotions (1978).

By david allan coe

Yes, the roof leaks and the bed she squeak

And the rent is due in just two more weeks

Now I just want to go back to sleep

Tomorrows another day

Oh the palm trees sway to and fro

I think ill just sit and watch the coconuts grow

Its hard to get high when your felling so low

And tomorrows another day

Well the mainsail broke on my fishing boat

And its almost time for my rum and coke

Ill fix it as soon as I have a smoke

Tomorrows another day yeah

So you go at night with your lantern bright

And you sit on the bridge and you get half tight

Ah tonight you can't get the fish to bite

But tomorrows another day, yeah yeah


Tomorrows another day

You know what I mean son?

I want to go fishing and swimming

Looking at the pretty girls

On the beaches, son

I don't want to do no work!

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