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This song is by David Allan Coe and appears on the album Human Emotions (1978).

By david allan coe

Standing in the bathroom with a gun in my hand

Pulling on the trigger just as fast as I can

I can hear her scream as she reaches for the lover beside her

Married by the bible she was only sixteen

I was fresh from prison trying to follow my dream

Who'd ever thought id be the judge and the jury that tried her?

Blood splattered all over the wall

The gun still smoking as I watch it fall

I run through the door while the sirens blow out on the highway

Maybe they'll catch me and maybe they won't

It really doesn't matter I just had to do things my way

Yeah yeah

I might just commit suicide

Yeah yeah

He's the only man that I trusted with my life

I can't understand why he ran off with my wife

Now that they're dead what's gonna happen to the baby?

The state will have to raise her just the way they did me

Her mother wanted freedom and I just set her free

She should have never let me see that she was no longer a lady

She called out my name just before she died

She swore she loved me and I almost cried

With trembling hands I reached out and tried to save her

Cheating is something I can understand

But not when its cheating with my best friend

She betrayed the love and the baby I gave her

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