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Mississippi River Queen

This song is by David Allan Coe and appears on the album Human Emotions (1978).

Written by david allan coe

Hey, California you don't know me
New york city you can't show me
Anything I haven't seen at least a hundred times before
I still love you, new orleans, Mississippi river queen
'Cause when it comes to loving' you beat all I've ever seen!

And I've seen a lot of ladies in my time
I've had me a few women that were fine
Ah, but I don't need no city woman messing' with my mind
So goodbye san francisco girl, I'm leaving' you behind.

And I've had some senoritas down in Mexico
I met a few potatoes up in idaho
I've had a few peaches in georgia and that san antoine rose
If the good lord made any better
That you he's the only one who knows

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