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Love is Just a Porpoise

This song is by David Allan Coe and appears on the album Spectrum VII (1979).

By david allan coe

Dedicated to pirate dave 'peel head' for taking me sailing and cooking the bonita on his boat during the full moon.

Everybody knows that

I've had my share of fair weather lovers

They always leave just ahead of the rain

Searching for sunshine and looking for pleasure

Two steps ahead of the last hurricane

If this is a chance then I'm gonna take it

Heaven knows I've taking chances before

Its hard to live with your eyes on the sparrow

Unless you first take your feet off the shore

There's not a cloud up in the sky

Give me one good reason why

We should set our sails for somewhere

Other that the sunny side of nowhere

Freedoms in the eagles wings baby

Listen to those seagulls sing, maybe

Love is just a porpoise

Playing in the tropical sun

Let me tell you girl

That ocean get big when your

Halfway across it

And this ship of loves seen

A lot of bad days

Sometimes its harder to row with the current

Most of my life I've just rocked on the waves

If this is a game then I'm gonna play it

I need your love like those sails need wind

Just climb aboard, girl, and pull up the anchor

Now is the time for our love to begin

Woo, there's not a cloud up in the sky

Not a cloud up in the sky

Not a cloud up in the sky

Give me one good reason why

It's a fairy tale morning

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