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I've Got Something To Say

This song is by David Allan Coe and appears on the album I've Got Something to Say (1980).

By David Allan Coe

Dedication: This song is for Jimmy Carter who wants women to be drafted and I agree. I think they ought to draft women too, at least some women, but not my daughters, or my mother or any of the women I know unless maybe my mother-in-law...

I've got something to say, boys

I've got something to say

Just as soon as I can find a way, boys

I've got something to say.

I was standing in a ally one dark lonely night

There were three or four shotguns wanting to fight

Now me and the devil we were seeing the light

Looking for someplace to run

And I said I've got something to say boys

I've got something to say

Just as soon as I can find a way boys

I've got something to say

I caught with a couple of friends

I was just slipping out, they was just slipping in

I was too hurt to laugh, I was to sick to grin

Watching the woman I love

The cop at the gate swore I was insane

Cause me and my pistol tried boarding a plane

Now we were both loaded and its hard to explain

How wed ever gotten that far

I was the first one to get the last laugh

When they said my son was to old for the draft

That's when the government gave me the shaft

Drafted my daughter instead!

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