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For Lovers Only, Part III (With John McEuen)

This song is by David Allan Coe.

The last verse was the hardest
The hardest to get through
This verse for old lost lovers
This song I wrote for you

She's at the point of no return
There's no more candles left to burn
She's broken every chain
That bound her to your soul

She doesn't care what's right or wrong
You've been her victim for too long
She knows you're too weak
To be strong you'll lose control

Nothing seems to bother her
She's as cool as cool has ever been
She knows she can handle you
You've been her fool since God knows when

There's no more chances left to take
You're just another heart she'll break
You're not the first one
Or the last to come along

She knows exactly how you feel
You think you got a dirty deal
You left your heart
Where she could steal it for a song

Written by:

Coe David Alan