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This song is by David & The Citizens and appears on the album Until the Sadness Is Gone (2003).

I know you feel like there's nothing to feel
But that's the biggest lie of the day
So dig it down into the ground
- That you don't want anything

And it's true it hurts to wake up
There was a couple of years for me, too
When my brain was black and blue
And I couldn't feel anything

Silverjacketgirl, you've got
The whole world in your head
Say you weren't waiting for anyone or anything
You weren't waiting for anything
You weren't waiting to come back
- You were dead

A dive into the blues
I'm warning you
Some half-hearted truth
Some way of sliding through to the other side
All it takes is calming down
All it takes is getting down

Written by:

David Fridlund