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Pink Evening

This song is by David & The Citizens and appears on the album For All Happy Endings (2002).

There was a war
A race against time
A lot on my side
Uneasy as hell
Bubbles of light in the suburb night
Stars on the ground that scream as
They're crushed

Of all the things we saw
And couldn't understand
There's no use feeling sad
We turn to something

Pink evening send me off
Believe in sweet goodbyes
It's turning mighty black
But that's ok that's just fine
Her painted lips are moving now
Saying words I don't know what...
Can I do to get away?

I had a war
But you had a hell
I could give up
Like some spoiled kid
Too much to believe
Too much time to kill
To even feel real...

Written by:

David Fridlund

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