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Never a Bottom

This song is by David & The Citizens and appears on the album Until the Sadness Is Gone (2003).

I tried to reproduce a feeling never born
and guide myself beyond my bellyache
and worries
now that you've got me
how can you love me?
when ever I fall down
Never a bottom

but there are days, moments, years
-you never want to see them again
all things you fear
-you never want to see them again...

I gave you time, more time than I had
in my hands
for you to come down from
whatever place you'd been
-now that I've got you
how can I love you?
If ever you fall down, I'll fall
with you to the bottom

and there are names, faces, roads
-you never want to see them again
just everything, you know
-you never want to see them again...

and you know
if this story should end in trouble
just like it always does
when they tie me to this place
and lease me
I don't know if I'll get up again.
I don't know if I'll get up again

the funeral is over and everybody's gone
I waited long, I waited too long
now you'll forget me
you'll never get me
and every time I fall down
I can't see the bottom without you

Written by:

David Fridlund

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