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Daydream with Dan & Mum

This song is by David & The Citizens and appears on the album For All Happy Endings (2002).

And in this video she says:
"I brought down three grown men like it was nothing.
I was a tiger stronger than anyone"

And, yes, there's something ringing
and, yes, there's something echoing
and we hide in the bushes
rolling apples under cars
until some idiot stops
to kick us up to the stars

Mother, is there something I can do
to get through to you?
burn your bed and slide away
Mother, wake up won't you please
Dan is here now
with a bucket and a bag
to carry you

And so I run down five blocks
and when I finally stop
to breath, I turn around
I turn around only to see
Dan has been caught
Dan has been caught
I guess the healing is off

Mother, I've come to get you out
we're leaving this place now
but I stumble in the snow
this sliced up paper snow
blood in my mouth
iron clothes
I can't walk
where did you go?

Written by:

David Fridlund

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