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As You Fall (I Watch with Love)

This song is by David & The Citizens and appears on the album Until the Sadness Is Gone (2003).

with your face turned to the bedroom-lamp,
you're sleeping
it's light a cheap replacement for the sun
and the pouring water in the pipes around us
just like waves rolling to the shore
this is what you get
this is what you get
the plan's much bigger than you ever expected

but no one's gonna tell you you're not perfect
as you stand there with your head in a million pieces
and you know it's gonna be...

and every dream draws a picture of what you've seen
mixed with what you want
so you'll think of me like I think of you,
like a substitute for something
and then you'll laugh and say:

"I'm probably better off dead,
I'm probably dry all the way,
I'm probably boring you out
I'm probably locking you up, throwing the keys away
I'm probably the last thing you need on your mind.
I'm probably drunk by now
probably laughing my head off
without even noticing..."

But no one's gonna tell you you're not perfect
as you lay there with your head in a million pieces
no, no one's gonna tell you it's not worth it
when you know it's gonna be

Written by:

David Fridlund

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