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This song is by David.

Today I'm gonna make a couple changes Do some things I've never done before Today I'm gonna try a little harder To set my sights on a different shore
Today I'm gonna laugh a little longer Gonna turn my dream into a plan Today I'm gonna sing a little louder Even if nobody understands
Today I'm gonna make myself a promise And keep it no matter what the cost Today I'm gonna count all of my blessings And let go of everything I lost
Today is gonna be a little better Than yesterday ever hoped to be No time to waste ? too much to touch and taste Tomorrow is too far away for me
Today I'm gonna find another reason To make my children glad that they are here Today I'm gonna listen to the season Tell me all about the coming year
Today I'm gonna start another journey Find the things I never thought I'd lose Make a couple choices and disregard the voices That tell me I'm not strong enough to choose
Today I'm gonna live a little longer Make the hours equal 25 Today I'm gonna love a little stronger And celebrate that love is still alive
Today already started But it hasn't ended yet Today will be a day I never will forget
And when tomorrow comes, I'll sing this song again. And again. And again?

Written by:

Ziggy Marley

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