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Did You Hear John Hurt

This song is by Dave Van Ronk and appears on the album Somebody Else, Not Me (1980).

It was a frosty night. It was beginning to snow,
And down the city streets, the wind began to blow.
We all came to the cellar. We all emptied the bar,
To hear a little fellow, play a shiny guitar.

Did you hear John Hurt play the "Creole Bell,"
"Spanish Fandango" that he loved so well?
And did you love John Hurt? Did you shake his hand?
Did you hear him sing his "Candy Man?"

On a straight back chair, with his felt hat on,
He tickled our fancy with his "Avalon."
And everyone passing down on MacDougle Street,
Cocked their heads and listen to the tappin' feet.


(Repeat first verse and Chorus)