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Too Much

This song is by Dave Matthews Band and appears…

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Too Much
Straight in, suck up and go
Cool it, swallow, swallow
Breathe deep
Take it all, it comes cheap
Push it through the doors
Because in between the lines
I'm gonna pack more lines
So I can get down in
Ooh, traffic jam
Got more cars than a beach got sand
Suck it up, suck it up, suck it up
Fill it up until no more
I'm no crazy creep
I've got it coming to me
Because I'm not satisfied
The hunger keeps on growing

I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too much

I've got to get it somewhere
I mean, you never know, maybe you're dreaming
Who do you think you're watching
Who do you think you need
Play for me, play more
Ten times in the same day
I need more
I'm going over my borders
I'm going to take more
More from you letter by letter

I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too much

I told, god, I'm coming
To your country
I'm going to eat up your cities
Your homes, you know
I've got a stomach full
It's not a chip on my shoulder
I've got this growl in my tummy
And I'm gonna stop it today

I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too much

Suck it up...

Written by:

Dave Matthews

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