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This song is by Dave Matthews Band and appears…

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Ha, open wide, oh, so good I'll eat you, take me for a ride
In your sweet delicious, perfect little mouth
Thereupon I linger
You will have no doubt that I do my best for you, I do
Love, let's stop to get it going
Lost myself just thinking about the two of us
From each other drinking
Begin with the lips, fingertip and kissing
Turn me inside out, I do my best for you

Yeah, yeah, aw, mm, mm

Up and down we go, from the top you push me
This is such a thrill
Lost in love and dancing, shake your tambourine
You blow my head open
Of one thing I'm sure, that I do my best for you, I do
Ow, for you I would crawl through the darkest dungeon
Climb a castle wall
If you're my Rapunzel, you let your hair down
Right in through the window
Good they locked the door, 'cause I do my best for you

Yeah, aw, aw, mm

I think the world of you
All my heart I do
Blood through my veins for you
You alone have all of me
I give my world to you
To you I will be true

Oo, ah

Too good to be real
The smell of something cooking, my soul up to steal
Of more food we're filling
What you've given me
For it there's no measure
Of one thing I know, 'cause I give my best for you

I think the world of you
With all of my heart I do
'Cause the blood in my veins for you
You alone have all of me
From you my strength is so full
To carry your burdens too
I give my world to you

Oo, oh

Ha, hip lock up so tight, you drive me crazy
Crazy is all right with you looking at me
You make me feel high
Every single thing you do to me is like I'm drunk
I do my best for you, I do
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, that cold chilling tongue
Giving me, giving me shivers, oh, oh

Written by:

Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews

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