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Leave Me Praying

This song is by Dave Matthews Band.

Oh man, excitement, oh that we call it
Oh a child's gonna lie on the line and we go over
Oh proud and strong, we're cuttin' down our babies and mothers
And leave them to die while we plant our grain and call it home
Oh I swear this life we're leadin' leaves me crazy
Still I should call it a home
Take this sword, I said it was stolen, plan to love it like no other
Oh my grand-father's saying "Oh man you charge
You chagewhen the trumpet calls
And blow on your flute and pound on your drum, it calls"
No mother and no child could resist this pounding
And drive on to the west, we will plant, we will grow, yeah
Oh wait and see my heart is bleeding
Still I should call it home
And teach my babies, my son and my daughter, to blow this place
And share it with no one, yeah
Oh press hard and shout in our drunken pounding
And I'll plant my wheat, I will hold my land dear
I will protect my ones, I will protect my golden
And I'll stand up on top and scream that I own it
But what of the spirits that lie in the soil
Then should I call it up out
And then I will tell my son and my daughters to hold it so dear
And share it with all, yeah
And then I will tell my sons and my daughters to hold it dear
And share it with everyone
This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York Islands
From the red wood forests to the cold stream waters
This land was made for you and me
*Random scatting*

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