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Dreamed I Killed God

This song is by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. Unreleased song. Appears on the bootleg album Lost Acoustics, Volume 1.

Dreamed I killed God, and woke up
Dreamed I killed God, and woke up
He's begging, "Please, please, please."
"No, don't..."

Dreamed I killed God and woke up
Time dries, time dries my mind
Oh, I'll survive, no one can save us
Talk to myself, talk to my soul

I want you to follow
Yes, follow...
It's only, it's only a dream, only

Dreamed I killed God and woke up
He was lying, bleeding, wishing

It's passing
It's passing
Dreamed I killed God
Dreamed I killed God
Is he dead?
And then I dreamt of Him

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