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Up And Away

This song is by Dave Matthews and appears on the album Some Devil (2003).

Everyday everyday with you
Every little thing you do the way you do

Little darling in your eyes
Got me up up and away, you get me high

I saw you there since then everyday
Is like I'm lost and thinking of you in everyway

Since i fell into your eyes
All i know is that you get me high, you get me high

Like I'm gone up up and away
You take me baby

Oh you take me baby

And then you walk the way you walk
You blow my mind oh the way you walkin my way

And i fall into your eyes
Up up and away the way your eyes, oh baby the way you make me high

Before you came you know i never cared
Its just a game i play yea

Up up and away, up up and away, you take me baby
All for you I'd give it all, cause when i'm thinking of you and I'm flying above the world
How i wish i was drowning in you i must admit I'm so in love

You know
Please don't ever let me go you don't nothing to me but up up and away you go

Up up and away, aww you take me baby

Written by:

Dave Matthews

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