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I Don't Want To Be A Hustler

This song is by Dave Hollister and appears on the album Chicago '85... The Movie (2000).

It's that shit
Didn't wanna be a hustler
But I had no choice
Y'all don't know what that is
That's what shit, what
Didn't wanna be a hustler
But I had no choice
Lemme school y'all for a minute

1 - I didn't wanna be a hustler
Didn't wanna hurt my mother
I know she didn't raise me that way
But I had to feed my family
"Lord watch his back" she did pray
I'm sorry mama, but now I'm paid

Because of my surroundings
I had no real choice and
Knew that I was going
Not even knowing
This was my destiny
A ghetto prodigy
Living in poverty
Really checked my mentality
Brought out the thug in me

Before the crib and the 600
I was a shorty on the block runnin'
A little punk mothafucka just like you
Loud mouth knucklehead who loved to fight too
But I learned the real way of winnin' the game
Is not clockin' for another cat, makin' him famous
But coppin' me a brick, stayin' on the low
Hustled it myself, now I'm never gon' be broke

Mmm hmm hmm (this the best part right here)
All day

2 - All night and all day
Had to get my pay, but
But the stacks
Stacks and stacks of cash
Kept my pockets fat

Ooh-wee, I gotta get it
(Now if you got it like they want it and you know it)
Now somebody say oh oh oh
(Dave make 'em holla for that dolla)

Oh-wee-oh, yooo
(Oh oh oh)
Oh-wee-oh, yooo
(Gotta get my money y'all)
Oh-wee-oh, yooo
(Hey, hey)
Oh-wee-oh, yooo
(Didn't wanna be)

Repeat 1 while:
Mama, I'm sorry
Ooh, oh
Everybody say with me
Everybody sing with me, say
Oh-wee-oh, oh
Gotta get that doe-ee-oh
Oh oh

Everybody say
Oh-wee-oh, oh oh
Gotta get that doe-ee-oh
Oh oh

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