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Slippin Away

This song is by Dave Edmunds and appears on the album Information (1983) and on the compilation Read The Hits: Best Of The 80's (1994).

I can feel you slipping away from me.
A little bit further now every day.
I'm holding on, but I can't believe
This is how you want it to be.

Oh, you're slipping away.
Oh, you're slipping away.

It feels like walking down a long, dark road.
You never talk to me the way you did before.
You ride through the city with your head held high.
And all I can do is watch you go by.

Oh, you're slipping away.
Oh, you're slipping away.

I'm gonna give it all I've got to give.
I've got to hold on, see what tomorrow brings.
You're slipping away, but give me one more try.
One more chance to wipe these tears from my eyes.
You're slipping away.
Oh, you're slipping away

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