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The Dave Days Show (2009)Edit

Dave Days - The Dave Days Show

The Dave Days Show

  1. My Youtube Song
  2. Love Story
  3. Miley I Can't Wait To See You
  4. 7 Things
  5. Burnin' Up Miley
  6. Lollipop
  7. The Nice Kitty Song
  8. I've Got A Crush On Hillary
  9. Katie's Song
  10. 8 Years Apart
  11. No One
  12. My Lisanova Song
  13. Chocolate Rain
  14. Youtube Celeb Diss
  15. My Daxflame Song
  16. If I Were A Girl
  17. Tube It
  18. You Are A Pervert!

Imma Be Down With Fireflies Baby (2010)Edit

Dave Days - Imma Be Down With Fireflies Baby

Imma Be Down With Fireflies Baby

  1. Down
  2. I'm Just A Baby (featuring Tay Zonday)
  3. Imma Be
  4. Stuck In A Furniture Store

Dinner And A Movie (2010)Edit

Dave Days - Dinner And A Movie

Dinner And A Movie

  1. Your Melody (featuring Jake Broido)
  2. What Does It Take
  3. You've Been On My Mind
  4. Turn Off The Lights
  5. Olive You (featuring Kimmi Smiles)
  6. Last Song
  7. What Does It Take

We're Just Kids (2012)Edit

Dave Days - We're Just Kids

We're Just Kids

  1. Alive And Ready To Die
  2. We're Just Kids
  3. My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad
  4. First Kiss
  5. Don't Let Go

Boy You'll Forget (2013)Edit

Dave Days - Boy You'll Forget

Boy You'll Forget

  1. From East To West (Acoustic)
  2. First Kiss (Acoustic)
  3. Boy You'll Forget
  4. We're Just Kids (Acoustic)
  5. What Does It Take (Acoustic)
  6. You
  7. Don't Let Go (Acoustic)
  8. Last Song (Acoustic)
  9. Out Of The Box

Pizza Ship (2015)Edit

Dave Days - Pizza Ship

Pizza Ship

  1. Baddest
  2. Sinking In Love
  3. Blacked Out
  4. 3 A.M.
  5. Right For Me


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