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Until You

This song is by Dave Barnes and appears…

Let's just take our time
There's nothing else to do
What better way to spend the night
Than wasted here with you
The moon has won the war
The daylight waits to win
Stay here by my side, we'll watch
This struggle start again

I need you now and forever
Just stay right here with me
Don't ever leave
Love was kept from me like a secret
And I swore that I was through
Until you, until you

The city settled down
I watch you as you sleep
There's a silent celebration for
every breath you breathe
Now this all makes sense
You as company
I left all I knew and found
a better part of me


The time it took to find you
I would wait again my baby
The feelings that I feel
When you lie yeah yeah yeah

until you until you until you

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