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As the Suns Sets

Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence (1999)Edit

As The Sun Sets - Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence

Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence

  1. Searching For A Reason To Carry On
  2. From This Day Forward
  3. Such Words Were Upon The Tongues Of Demons
  4. Unfulfilled Dreams Are A Burning Utopia
  5. Carpathian
  6. ...Shed For You And Many
  7. A Thousand Falling Skies
  8. Everything

7744 (2002)Edit

As The Sun Sets - 7744


  1. Hay Is For Horses
  2. I Saw The Saturday Night Sky Over 195 Explode
  3. I've Run Over Black Cats That Were Luckier Than Me
  4. Noise Track
  5. While Others Attend Chatrooms With Erections
  6. Feed The Scenesters To The Lions
  7. Untitled One
  8. Untitled Two
  9. Sweet Merciful Crap
  10. Borderline Sarcasm
  11. 77
  12. 44

8949 (2002)Edit

As The Sun Sets - 8949


  1. Your Beauty Is A Car Wreck I Do Concur
  2. If I've Said It Once I've Said It A Thousand Times
  3. Remember When I Didn't Say What I Wanted To Say
  4. Untitled Three
  5. Black On Black And So Much Class


Daughters (2002)Edit

Daughters - Daughters


  1. Hello Assholes
  2. Flattery Is A Bunch Of Fucking Bullshit
  3. A Room Full Of Hard-Ons And Nowhere To Sit Down
  4. My Stereo Has Mono And So Does My Girlfriend

Canada Songs (2003)Edit

Daughters - Canada Songs

Canada Songs

  1. Fur Beach
  2. Jones From Indiana
  3. I Slept With The Daughters And All I Got Was This Lousy Song Written About Me
  4. And Then The C.H.U.D.S. Came
  5. Mike Morowitz, The Fantasy Fuck
  6. Nurse, Would You Please Prep The Patient For The Sexual Doctor
  7. I Don't Give A Shit About Wood, I'm Not A Chemist
  8. Pants, Meet Shit
  9. Damn Those Blood Suckers And Their Good Qualities
  10. The Ghost With The Most

Hell Songs (2006)Edit

Daughters - Hell Songs

Hell Songs

  1. Daughters Spelled Wrong
  2. Fiery
  3. Recorded In A Pyramid
  4. X-Ray
  5. Feisty Snake-Woman
  6. Providence By Gaslight
  7. Hyperventilationsystem
  8. Crotch Buffet
  9. Cheers, Pricks!
  10. The Fuck Whisperer

Daughters LP (2010)Edit

Daughters - Daughters LP

Daughters LP

  1. The Virgin
  2. The First Supper
  3. The Hit
  4. The Theatre Goer
  5. Our Queens (One Is Many, Many Are One)
  6. The Dead Singer
  7. Sweet Georgia Brown
  8. The Unattractive, Portable Head

Other SongsEdit

  1. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)

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