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Fully Blown

This song is by Datsik, features Snak The Ripper and appears on the album Vitamin D (2012).

Move, then you let the music do the rest
Don't stop moving until you feel it in your chest
Brace for impact
'Cause once the bass attacks
You gonna shake that ass
Until your fucking face collapse! (Wooh)

So when you are feeling good, you better put your hands up
Put your hands up
Put your fucking hands up
It's time to party man
And we ain't tryna' stop
Turn your fucking volume up, until the fucking speaker pops!

Here we go, don't stop
Until the fucking speaker pops!

Come on


Here yo, P-A-R-T-Y
Let the music get you high
Think imma stop
Not until you reach the S-K-Y
Keeping it fly

Until we see the morning light
Something about it feels so right
The bass is heavy, it feels so tight
Just focus on that and you'll feel all right

'Cause once it drops we now they smashing
They getting it down in an orderly fashion
Kill them dance moves like an Assassin
Walk in the nest and you know we crashing

Time to get faded, soaked and sweaty
The Cross that we bringing is dope and heavy
Turning your brain into spaghetti
It's that time again, I hope you're ready!

Here we go, don't stop
Till somebody call the cops!



Datsik, Snak The Ripper
Tryna have a fucking have a good time tonight

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