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Vitamin D (2012) Edit

Datsik - Vitamin D

Vitamin D

  1. Annihilate
  2. Fully Blown (featuring Snak The Ripper)
  3. Syndrome (featuring Downlink)
  4. Bonafide Hustler
  5. Evilution (featuring Infected Mushroom and Jonathan Davis)
  6. Need You
  7. Don't Feel Right
  8. Light The Fuse
  9. Complete Control
  10. Punisher (featuring Downlink)
  11. Napalm (featuring Messinian)
  12. Double Trouble (featuring Z-Trip)

Cold Blooded, Part One (2013)Edit

Datsik - Cold Blooded, Part One

Cold Blooded, Part One

  1. Cold Blooded
  2. Automatik (featuring Messinian)
  3. Machete (featuring Snak the Ripper and Young Sin)
  4. Juicebox
  5. Too Late to Say No
  6. Vindicate
  7. Release Me

Down 4 My Ninjas EP (2014)Edit

Datsik - Down 4 My Ninjas EP

Down 4 My Ninjas EP

  1. Katana (featuring Mayor Apeshit)
  2. Get Smashed (featuring DJ Paul K.O.M of Three 6 Mafia)
  3. No Requests (featuring KRS-One)
  4. Astronomical (featuring Walt Grizzly)
  5. When They Drop (with Twine)

Other Songs Edit

  1. Gizmo

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Datsik is a performance name for Troy Beetles.

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2007 - present

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