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​If Only

This song is by Das EFX and appears on the album Dead Serious (1992).

"And it go a little something like this" "Hit it!"

Verse One: Books

Shiggity shoz-bots, hots, I rocks
I kiggity-kicks the drama like a farmer picks the crops
Hops, I diggity-digs more wigs than John The Baptist
They call me Mr. Rapper so I guess I be the rappist
No practice, yo Krayzie (Diggity yes?), knocker
Don't bolo like Han Solo, come work like Chewbacca
So ease back, slick, or get kicked in the tush
Yep, I call ya Snaggle if your puss-
Ee gads, I rip shop, until the roof fell in
And plus I piggity-pop your shit like *?Jugglo Ellen?*
But umm, rarely does my crew get into beefus
I fliggity-flips the mould like the gold that's on my cheebas
Oh Jesus, I'm the youngest, Flipsy be the eldest
I'm hipper than the hip bone connected to your pelvis
So hickory dickory dock, diggity-don't your wish

"If only it sounded like this" " this"
"Like, this"