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All I Have Is Me

This song is by Darwin's Waiting Room and appears on the album Orphan (2001).

You took one final look, my tears they turned to ice
A frozen sacrifice, your body heat's my paradise
I've built up many layers, but none can keep me warm/ Deceiving
Is believing in the calm before the storm/ We complicate our lives
With things to define/ threw it all away to see what was mine
Cleared out my insides, echoing hollow/ I'll forever wallow,
In your footsteps I follow/ Warily, I search for solidarity/ In our
Disparity, your love for me was charity/ This s reality, for all that it's
Worth/ If you're not perfect then I just don't belong on this earth

And just like a disease/ All the faces I see remind me of you

'Cause they seem just like you/ wanna reach out and touch you
All I have is me, all I want is you/ They seem just like you/ Why can't
I forget you/ All I have is me with this memory/ Fading alone

I'm an array of imperfections on display/ My life has been on
Layaway since the day you went away/ I've watched myself decay, the
Ripe is turning rotten/ Feeling nostalgic now you're gone but not
Forgotten/ I lack luster, what was new has turned to rust/ I'm filled up
With disgust, wish the world would turn to dust/ It's hard to read just
Cause now I find it strange/ To trust in something that constantly change
A long-range exchange, for years I've sought you/ The pain I've
Brought you, your've taught me what I've taught you/ We can't
Escape ourselves or even one another/ I will never recover this is love
Like no other

I'm gonna rip, rip you out of me/ I'm Fuck, Fuck you out of me

Never you/ Never you/ Never you/ Never you/ They could never be you
Never be you/ Never be you/ They could never be you

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