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I Am In Love With You

This song is by Darrell Evans.

You found me in the darkness
And you brought me light
You took my lifeless heart
And you gave me life
You cleansed me from my sin
And filled me up
With your spirit and with your love

Now I'm laughing at the things
That once held me bound
I'm dancing in the freedom that I've found
'Cause your love is better than life Lord
I long for you more
Than I ever did before

I can't get enough of you
'Cause I am in love with you
O how I long for you
'Cause I am in love with you

So here I am in worhsip with open eyes
Now I want to live a blameless life
'Cause I am finally living at last
You give me hope t leave my past
I will not keep silent
I will sing of the wonder of my God
His great love
And every day my heart is enlarged for you
So I will abandon myself to you


It burns like a blazing fire
It rises like a mighty flame
My greatest desire
To be sealed in love
By your name

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