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Candy Jones

This song is by Darling Violetta and appears on the album Parlour (2003).

Living La Dolce Vita
Come put out this little fire
Light another cigarette and
Sing like the angel that you are
You'll need eight martinis
For your second personality

I'm Candy Jones
Let's play mind control (again)

Code name Project Pandora
I'll be your super sexy spy
You'll be my double agent
And I'll put you in a trance so deep
You will have no memory
Once your mission's been complete

I'm Candy Jones
Let's play mind control (again)

Now you're my secret plaything
Captured unknowingly
My night vision operator
I hold the post-hypnotic key
You are the isolator
Three times the detonator for me

I'm Candy Jones
Let's play mind control (again)
I'm Candy Jones
Let's play mind control (again)

Don't you naughty boys know how to speak French?

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